Testimonials from the 2018 All Kids Fair

"My daughter Julianne had a BLAST!!! It was a lot of fun for the both of us! Thanks so much!"

Larry Lutz


"The All Kids Fair was excellent exposure for my business. We were able to connect with families face to face and within 24 hours we quadrupled our investment in sales. Can’t wait til next year!"

Scott Brown, Mosquito Rx


“I enjoyed the expo because it had variety of activities and vendors to explore. It gave opportunity to parents to explore new things that are out there and most important of all made kids happy as they got to do what they should be doing at this age!”

Geetu Makin


"It was a really great event! I hadn't done one before. I had a lot of people stop by, and it exceeded my expectations."

Tanya De Leon, Hulafrog


”We had an amazing time here at the All Kids Fair. I would recommend this fair to every family member out there. It's a must see and omg The Butterfly Experience is awesome! You get to feed live butterflies. ”

Lacey McKenna

Attendee – From Facebook

"It was a pleasure to be part of this event. Everything went well and was smooth. Hope to join again next year. Thank you."

Gardi Armand, Tania’s Kitchen NYC


"The energy in the room was AMAZING! Barbara Kaplan runs WONDERFUL events. "

Mark Krieger

Attendee – From Facebook

"I think the parents that came out were very interested in all the latest innovations, and it gave them a chance to see what the marketplace had to offer."

Rochelle Setton, Mead Johnson Nutrition


"We had a great time at the All Kids Fair on Sunday with our children and grandchildren. So much to see and do and giveaways for all. My grandson even won a bicycle from one of the vendor raffles. Such a fun day for all!!"

Lucille Mellini Kern Moran

Attendee – From Facebook

”My table location was perfect and my classroom was perfect. Great job! Barbara Kaplan runs a very professional event and always maintains a smile on her face.”

Tobi Phillips, Village East Gifted


"Loved the All Kids Fair. Lots of stuff for the kids to do and lots of great vendors for the parents from camps to pediatric dentist to birthday party ideas and so much more. It was a wonderful and very informative event!!! "

Amy Eisenberg, Petland Discounts Parties

Attendee and Exhibitor – From Facebook

"Myself and my son with his family were at the All Kids Fair on 4/29/18. We all had an awesome time & no pressure to buy anything. The food was yummy as well. Thank you!"

Sherri Gillespie

Attendee – From Facebook

"There were so many people there, wow! Today for me worked out great! I am so glad everybody had a great time."

Keri Wirth, Keri Wirth Music


"My five year old twins can't stop talking about how much fun they had at this fair yesterday! From free temporary tattoos, coloring sheets, toothbrushes, cotton candy, popcorn, bracelets, raffles, stuffed animals and more! "

Jaimie AzlynnBraxton Lane

Attendee - From Facebook

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