Advertising Package #1
Advertising Package #1

Advertising Package #1

Advertising Package #1

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Email addresses of your Exhibitor staff, if available (include yourself if applicable) - Max 3 for Medium, 4 for Large
Product(s) or Service(s) You Will Be Promoting/Selling
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Ages 5-11
Ages 12-18
Party Ideas/Activities
Legal/Insurance/Financial Services
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Value $550
Our Advertising Packages get your message out to everyone who attends the All Kids Fair!

All promotion is on the third-party website except as noted.

Here is what it includes:

Logo appears on exhibitor expo page carousel which is weblinked to your exhibitor booth.
Large virtual exhibitor space with premium upgrade.

On the virtual platform, you will have the ability to include:
  • Logo
  • Website link
  • One on one video chat
  • Video chat with multiple people over your Zoom account*
  • Pre-recorded promo video
  • Offer and offer link
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn links
  • .pdf documents
  • Product list
Receive your list of leads as a .csv file.
Your business name will also be weblinked to your website on the All Kids Fair website.

Full page color ad in virtual event program book (must provide camera ready art).

*Exhibitors can chat over your Zoom account, or you can pay $99 for livestreaming directly to the third-party platform.  

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